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Art that heals your emotional baggage + blocks... intuitively.

3 Keys Healing Art

3 Keys Healing Art transforms hidden emotional blocks + patterns from past negative experiences from the inside out... automagically.

What if we could see our blocks?

If we could, it would be easier to heal them.

Blocks are formed from unhealed emotional wounds we unconsciously push down out of site unseen. We suffer in silence.

If we don't heal the blocks, they become our worst enemy, attracting people and situations that cause our pain to surface again and again, or worse, block the goodness that seeks to find us.

We don't use these experiences as opportunities to view our own pain we've attracted. We keep our pain hidden and attack the messenger instead of use it as a tool to heal and release the pain that has surfaced.

It's time to end the pain. It's time to stop suffering.

3 Keys Healing Art cuts through the emotional clutter that keeps our life stuck on repeat

3 Keys Healing Art cuts through the energetic clutter - baggage, blocks, thought patterns and negative energy - from past experiences we unconsciously carry around all day, that keeps stuck in struggle, afraid to move forward, repeating the same old stories that block our light and drag us down unconsciously.

It usually takes years of regular therapy to peel back the layers of our troubled past

3 Keys Healing Art pulls back the curtain to reveal our hidden stories, patterns and resistances that hold us back from being in flow and manifesting more positive experiences and relationships... in just 3 minutes.

3 Magical Keys

3 Keys Healing Art are a series of 3 magical symbols called Keys that contain high vibrational healing frequencies that when meditated upon, open doors to the subconscious, revealing and healing emotional pain, trauma, blocks and baggage you never even knew you had intuitively.

How it works

With your eyes open and fully engaged, you simply meditate (engaging your third eye - situated in the middle of your forehead between your eyebrows) for 3 minutes on each Key until all 3 Keys are complete.

High vibrational frequencies transfer from the Keys intuitively targeting the hidden emotional wound that caused the block or pattern to form in the first place, bringing it to the surface to be gently healed and released from your unconscious mind and emotional body.

Healing you from the inside out, one layer at a time, one block at a time... automagically!

The Keys do all the work

There are 3 Keys per emotional block or issue. Each Key provides healing energy specific to the issue at hand and work holistically together:


The first Key peels back the layers revealing the issue, bringing it out of hiding into the light.


The second Key clears the block, healing the emotional wound that surfaced.


The third Key completes the healing, dissolving cords and ties, clearing karma, connecting you to higher guidance.

Emotional therapy on the fly

All 3 Keys Healing Art sessions are available on video and come complete with instructions. 

They are easily accessible from your phone, your desktop or laptop and go anywhere you go. Video format makes it easy to use anytime you need an emotional tune-up

Inner Work-out

You require exercise to improve your outer self! 3 Keys Healing Art improves your inner self!

3 Keys Healing Art Benefits

  • Reveals hidden blocks and patterns that work behind the scenes to steal your joy and sabotage your best intentions
  • Clears karma, attracting more positive experiences
  • Improves your relationship with yourself and others
  • Boosts your confidence and self-esteem
  • Increases your vibration
  • Protects you from attracting negative people and situations
  • Connects you to your higher self and your divine destiny (soul's path on earth)
  • Reduces fear, loneliness and depression
  • Elevates your mood, bringing a more positive outlook on life
  • Reveals your true nature

When you join the 3 Keys Healing Art Community, you get access to the following healing plans

Healing Plan A: Getting out of your own way

This healing plan is all about helping you bust through fundamental blocks that have been working secretly to sabotage your every move behind the scenes. It's time to take your power back and rise to the occasion of your life! 

This plan includes the following Keys:

Self Love

You can't love others if you don't love yourself. It's a universal truth. It's not easy to love yourself in an unconscious world where those we love project their own self-hatred and negative projections onto us. We deserve more. These Keys unlock the door that stops us from loving ourselves as we are.


When we've been hurt repeatedly by those we loved or experienced a series of disappointments as a result of our own choices (or choices made on our behalf by those we loved and respected), we begin to lose trust in ourselves and our own inner guidance. 

This set of Keys helps clear the cobwebs of disappointment, betrayal and self-doubt, giving you the ability to reconnect with your inner guidance system.

Afraid to be me

When we demonstrate our true selves openly and become ashamed or embarrassed, we hold ourselves back and hide.

These Keys help you acknowledge all parts of your personality and not be afraid of revealing who you are!

Self Acceptance

When we allow others to dictate how we should act, feel and be, we lose touch with our own self worth and change into someone we're not just to be accepted. 

This set of Keys releases the inner muck that masks your inner beauty, helping you to accept yourself as you are, flaws and all.

Feeling Stuck

Under-motivated? Feet stuck in the mud? Afraid to move forward? We've all been there. 

These Keys can help get you out of the mud, back on track and into flow again.

Feeling Trapped

We sometimes feel like we don't have any options and there are external forces holding us back, when in truth, it's our belief system that's backing us into a corner. 

These Keys helps dissolve the internal boundaries that keep us from realizing that we are, in fact, free as a bird.

Taking Responsibility

When we’re young and get blamed for something we did (or did not do) repeatedly, it’s easy to avoid responsibility especially if it means we avoid getting into trouble. When we enter into adulthood and seek to be independent, continuing to avoid responsibility can lead to bigger issues like personal debt, repeated job losses or marriage issues where one partner takes on the burdens of the other, leading to anger and resentment. 

These Keys helps you take responsibility placing you back into the driver's seat of your life choices instead of riding as a passenger watching your life go by.

Healing Plan B: Relationship Rescue (coming soon!)

This healing plan provides the Keys to help you reconnect and recommit to the ones you love, healing you from the inside out.

This plan includes the following Keys:

Open your Heart

When we're born, we're young and vulnerable and feel free to give and receive love. It's our natural state of being. But when those we love project their anger onto us, we feel attacked, so we close our hearts to protect ourselves. Over time this becomes our regular state of being and we keep it locked up indefinitely to avoid any further pain.

These 3 Keys open the door to give and receive love once more. After all, it's our natural state of being.

Fear of Commitment

Too afraid to go the distance or connect deeply with your lover? Let's face it, we've all been burned before.

These 3 Keys help clear the past hurts that keep you from connecting and committing fully and completely with your lover, soul mate or life partner.

Marriage Reboot

Married life can suck sometimes. When we feel rejected, misunderstood or criticized by our spouse, we lose perspective and question why we committed to them in the first place.

Over time our judgements create distance and we end up projecting a false persona onto them based on what we think we married to make our ego feel good. Sadly, it just creates more chaos, bad feelings and even more distance.

We can't change our spouse, but we can change our self. 

These 3 Keys help to clear the hurt feelings and negative projections to help you reconnect and recommit to your partner.


Being misunderstood is one of the loneliest experiences in the world. No one wants to feel like the odd man out, especially when we’re just voicing our opinion, telling others about what we know to be true in our hearts or simply wearing the wrong thing and being criticized by our friends. 

These 3 Keys release the self imposed condemnation, helping you self express as the grand being that you are! It’s time to face yourself. How are you going to show up to the world, cowering or towering?

Healing Plan C: Deep Healing (coming soon!)

It's time to forgive yourself and move on. Playing a role that no longer serves you wastes your time and the time of those around you. You are not a victim. You are meant to be free. Free yourself now with this healing plan.

This plan includes the following Keys:


When we reveal the truest, deepest part of us and face rejection, we immediately shut down and stop trying. It's hard to face ridicule and believe in ourselves.

This series of Keys helps turn hesitation into happiness helping to dissolve the blocks that stifle your genius. Put your best foot forward and stop caring about what other people think.

Victim Consciousness

When we victimize our self, we give our power away! Your pain may be justified, but it's time to break the victim cycle and heal your pain for once and for all.

This series of Keys helps you rediscover with power comes peace.

Childhood Emotional Abuse

When we victimize our self or put our self down, we send signals to the world that it's ok for us to be treated the way we treat ourselves. We become dumping grounds for other people's negativity, in the form of verbal attack, negative comments, control, manipulation etc. The pattern repeats itself as long as we play victim. 

These 3 Keys help heal the deleterious effects of emotional abuse over time, helping you end the cycle. You are not a victim, you are in control!

Childhood Trauma

When we’re young, we’re open and vulnerable. We want the world to love us and we enter into our parents care expecting that our needs will be met and we will be safe.

To experience the opposite at the mercy of those we love shuts down the truest and purest parts of ourselves. We avoid situations that could hurt us that way again. We lose faith in those we love, the world and in ourselves.

This series deals with past trauma that left your spirit broken. Give yourself wings and fly!

Client testimonial

I started my session with a few deep breaths to prepare myself for the meditation as suggested.

I loved the upcoming feeling while watching those high vibrating keys. It took a few moments to connect to these healing treasures as visual meditation was completely new for me.
The beautiful colours went directly to my heart. It felt like absorbing the vibration of the keys. Healing energy was flowing through my energy field. The intense colour of the keys was glowing so strong. It is powerful and calming at the same time. This kind of meditation is absolutely working for me! 

Birgit Pulzer-Milalkovits, Spiritual Teacher, Austria

Meet Kristin

Kristin Morris is a light-worker, healing arts practitioner and founder of 3 Keys Healing Art.

Over 14 years ago, Kristin began to paint symbols that transmitted healing frequencies to get over her own emotional issues, baggage and blocks. 4 years ago, her angels whispered in her ear that she was given a blessed assignment. She created 3 Keys Healing Art to fulfill her life purpose and share her gift with other lightworkers and soul-seekers on the spiritual path to help them get over their blocks and baggage that no longer serve them to step into their life purpose with ease and grace.

Read Kristin's epic (and funny) story on How 3 Keys Therapy came to be. You can read her bio aptly named 'Don't Skip the Journey'.

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